Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sony Xperia Z coming to India on March 6


The Sony Xperia Z will be arriving in India on March 6. After what seemed like eternity, the company has put up a cover picture on its Facebook page citing that 'Everything is about to change.' It sure is vague in this matter, though a glimpse of the smartphone in the background is enough evidence for us to infer that the handset is question is indeed the upcoming device.

Well this isn't the whole story, seeing as the company did render a link to a microsite dominated by a countdown to the date mentioned above, along with what appears to be a picture of the Xperia Z. What caught our attention is that the shadowy figure of the smartphone on the cover picture very vaguely shows off  a lens, however, the one slapped on the countdown site does not.

This sure confirms that the handset will be not entering our realm alone; instead, it will be accompanied by the ZL. On the other hand, it is still unclear if they both will be crossing the threshold together or whether the Japanese conglomerate has readied different set of launch dates for each.


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