Monday, October 16, 2017

Android smartphone users may get unlimited storage on Google photos


Good news for Android users, developers may have found a way to get unlimited storage from Google photos, even for those who don't own a Pixel smartphone.

The technology giant let's Pixel smartphone users store unlimited full-resolution photos and videos. Now some developers claim to have found a way to obtain abundant Google photos storage on any device that runs either Android Nougat or any higher version of Android.

However, there is a twist, in order to do this, users will have to root their smartphone. According to XDA developers, a file that is found on Pixel smartphones has to be downloaded on the device and then uploaded.

Additionally, in some cases, other more complicated adjustments may be required. One has to also give some required file permissions and then reboot their device. Once the device restarts, the user has to go to Google photos's Settings and wipe Google Photo's app data.

However, we didn't test the hack ourselves, reports suggests that inspite of doing this, some developers have found that their uploaded photos and videos are still being counted in Google Drive Storage. Whereas other users claim that the hack works for them.


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