Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Airtel to phase out 3G services in 2-3 years, says a report

 According to a report, Bharti Airtel is looking to phase out 3G services in two years with an eye on cutting costs.

The telecom operator is seeking to shift 3G users to 4G via a VoLTE communication standard within the next few months. According to experts, VoLTE standard helps reduce costs for telcos and also offers better customer experience. As of now, Airtel offers VoLTE services only in Mumbai.

"What we need is that every base site that we have, we need to add a new technoology so that the roll out that we are doing currently is almost entirely on 4G. Our 3G rollout is over and I would say 3G, in any way, in 2-3 years, we will have to shut it down. Our 3G network will also shift to 4G. And these are mostly software switches," their source said.

According to the firm, India will be the first place to phase out its 3G networks.


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