Monday, February 13, 2012

Olympus unveils SZ-31MR camera: 16 megapixels, 24x optical zoom

Olympus unveils SZ-31MR camera: 16 megapixels, 24x optical zoom
Japanese camera manufacturer Olympus has just introduced the successor to its SZ-30MR compact shooter. The new snapper not only sees a minimal increment on its stage name, SZ-31MR, but it also keeps the same 16-megapixel backlit sensor as its predecessor, as well as an identical 24x (25-600mm) optical zoom. Though, the newcomer does get a fresh image processor, making the jump from a TruePic III to a TruePic V, thus bringing along better low-light performance, scene enhancements and keeping high-quality shots while using the zoom feature. Amongst other traits, the device is packing a 3-inch (920,000-dot) LCD, 6400 ISO and 1080p video capture at 30fps. Olympus is also implementing a new technology dubbed iHS (Intelligent, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed), which the company claims will produce sharper and more vivid images. All this can be yours for a mere $399 this April when it's released, but if you want to know more before parting with that cash, check the pic gallery below and the PR after the break.


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