Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rinspeed gives Smart Fortwo ED two extra wheels, more junk in the trunk

Rinspeed gives Smart Fortwo ED two extra wheels, more junk in the trunk
Rinspeed is a Swiss speed shop that is perhaps best known for making rather outlandish concept cars, from glorified golf carts to Bond-inspired amphibious autos. And now the company has unveiled its latest creation, the Dock+Go, a "backpack" for your Smart Fortwo ED. Essentially, Rinspeed has modified an existing Fortwo EV so that it can connect an extra axle to its derriere, providing extra trunk space, a hot box for pizza delivery or even extra speakers and infotainment options. Not only that, but the automotive add-on also packs extra oomph to give your mini EV additional range with a built-in fuel cell, battery or ICE.

The Fourtwo that the Dock+Go mates with has itself gotten a bunch of show-worthy interior upgrades as well. It's got a 12.1-inch in-dash monitor, infotainment system from Harman with Aha radio and gesture control, plus an incredibly safe smartphone cradle built into the steering wheel to give the Smart's cockpit a second screen. Because it's a concept, you won't see the Dock+Go on the streets anytime soon, but you can see plenty more pictures of it at the source below. Oh, and should customer demand be sufficient, Rinspeed's in talks with manufacturers to make it happen. What say you, dear readers, does a Fortwo EV with a fatter caboose appeal to you?


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