Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Legendry Mobiles of Nokia in Indian Market

Today we are going to tell you about those mobile phones which are legend but still are in heart of every users who have used those there are the 10 legend phones of nokia mobile phones.

1. Nokia 3315


It was the first ever largest selling mobile phone model in India by Nokia and have got high battery backup,good sound,tones etc.

2. Nokia 3310

 It was very less different from the nokia 3315.It was the competitor of Nokia 3315 and was different in keypad only.

3. Nokia 2300

It was a big change when this set was released in indian market because at that time phones were just for calling and recieving but its features changes everything. Nokia 2300 was the first inbuilt Radio mobile phone model by Nokia. 

4.Nokia 1100

It is most popular and maximum sold handset.It was very much popular for the Torch Light feature.

5.Nokia 2100

The handset was not as good as others but was different in color.Extended color then other phones in the market

 6.Nokia 2600

It was the first basic color handset in the low grade price models but the camera was not so good but was a change in mobile market.

  7.Nokia 6600

This was the handset that changed need of indian mobile users and there way of thinking.This was the revolutionary mobile phone with the in built VGA camera and so many multimedia features.

 8.Nokia 6610i

This was also an economic priced camera built mobile phone but the look of the phone was not good as nokia 6600

 9.Nokia 6630

This model was having a great look and with so many great features like better camera than nokia 6600,sound,memory space and many more. It also got popularity amongst its level due to its price.

10.Nokia N Gage

Nokia N Gage is a wonderful look and ultimate mobile phone with gaming feature in it. It was a perfect gaming mobile phone handset and is still remembered for its different look.


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