Monday, April 9, 2012

ways to increase battery backup of mobile

There are following ways of increasing battery backup of mobile. Hope you will like them. Use these tips & tricks and save your battery and increase its life so that you don't say OH GOD !!! LOW BATTERY....

1.Backlight Brightness
The phone screen baclight uses a lot of power or battery,Keep it off as much as possible,In iphone ,press the top button,on many BlackBerrys, press ALT + ENTER to lock the keyboard and shutoff the screen. If your phone has an option to adjust the brightness.

2.Avoid Restart
Dont restart the phone too often it can hamper the battery life strongly.Restart requires a lot of  battery .so don't  use  to restart  again  and  again .

3.Turn off 3G and Data
If you have 3G enabled phone than you can turn off  the high speed wireless data mode,such as 3G,You will definitely consume a lot of power.This is the biggest thing that i feel affects the battery of the phone.

4.Vibration and Volume
Vibration and the high sound can consume a lot of battery so turn off the vibration to simply give battery an extra hour,and unless you  are in heavy traffic dont use high volume/sound.


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