Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sony Japan blends the Torne PS3 TV tuner with 500GB of NAS, calls it Nasne


While the PS3's media abilities in the US are limited to what it can access via discs or over the network, in Europe / Australia (PlayTV) and Japan (Torne) TV tuners stretch things further. Now, Sony Japan has followed those up with the Nasne headless media box shown above. A combination networked recorder and media storage device with a 500GB SATA HDD and tuners for both antenna and satellite TV built-in, it pulls in broadcasts and either records it or streams to up to two other Sony products (Vita, PS3 with Torne app, Vaio PC, Sony Tablet or Xperia phone) on the same home network at once. It will also support streaming of stored media via DLNA, once its software is updated to version 1.5. The capabilities of the Nasne vary depending on the hardware it's used with: PS3 users can connect up to four of the devices to one console, however it can also export video files formatted for offline viewing on the Vita or transfer recorded files to PCs for Blu-ray archival.
Is this a promising example of the "One Sony" synergy Kaz so recently promised? We'll have to wait until the Nasne ships July 19th for 16,980 yen ($211) to find out for sure. Sadly, like the Torne (which will receive its own 4.0 software update this summer) and Blu-ray recorders that came before it's unlikely we'll ever this one in the US, but that won't stop us from dreaming. A press release with full specs follows after the break, check out Engadget Japan for a few more pictures.


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