Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avoid using social networking e-mail id for online transactions


If you want to save your financial data from stealing then avoid using social networking email-ids used for Facebook, Twitter etc for carrying out online banking or business transactions. This guideline is issued by security software maker Symantec.

According to Symantec MD Shantanu Ghosh " Internet users should be more cautious while on social networking sites. They should have separate email-id for social networking sites and other one for carrying out transactions and banking.

According to Ghosh, people usually share their details including personal ones with their friends and as well as with those whom they do not know much and here they face the risk of being attacked. Cyber attackers then try to get into your e-mail ids through malware on these sites and try to steal vital information .

Ghosh also cited an example when a malware in the name of bollywood female actress, Katrina Kaif video was received by internet users on their e-mail ids in India and later it was found that the malware was intended to steal credit card information of the user.


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