Thursday, October 11, 2012

Enjoy free SMS on Gmail in India


Search giant Google has started rolling out free SMS for its free email service Gmail and paid email service Google Apps customers in India. The service allows users to send SMSes to mobile phones from chat windows. Users have to add mobile numbers of their contacts in email address book and they are set.

The service starts with 50 SMS credits for each user, every sent SMS costing one credit. Apply reply received adds on 5 credits subjected to the maximum level being 50 SMS at any given time. There is no official statement from Google on the launch of this service, however the service has gone live this evening in the chat windows of many users.

Google is rolling out this service in partnership with cellular operators, which means they would share revenue with Google out of SMSes users on their network send. It specifies a way to buy more SMS credits.

The SMS sent from Gmail are delivered to mobile phone while reply from mobile phone appears in chat window. For the mobile phone user the reply is charged at local SMS rate as per his/her normal billing plan.


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