Thursday, October 11, 2012

Violent video games making teenagers aggressive: Study


According to a new study from Brock University in Canada, teenagers who play violent video games for over a number of years become aggressive towards other people. Moreover the girls who played such games during their school years were found to be affected just as much as boys. The study findings are considered as first indication of a clear link between a sustain period of playing violent games and subsequent rise in hostile behaviour.

According to the research team, the long term players of violent games are likely to react aggressively to unintentional provocations such as someone accidentally bumping into them. The study which is now published in the Journal Developmental Psychology, involved 1,492 adolescents at eight high schools in Ontario, 51 percent of whom were female and 49 percent were male.

Surveys were carried out annually across four school years with the participants aged 14 or 15 at the start of study and 17 or 18 when the study concluded. Teenagers were asked series of questions like how often they pushed or shoved people and whether they frequently kick or punch people who make them angry. They were also asked whether they play


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