Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Store Potatoes with an Apple to save them from sprouting


In this post of tips and tricks section we are going to tell an amazing tip "how to save your potatoes from sprouting". Every one of us hate those ugly sprouts that came out of our potatoes after just a couple of weeks. 

But as we say "an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away". Just like that an Apple a day might keep those sprouts away and help the potatoes last longer. 

In an experiment it is found that the ethylene gas produced by apples prevents potatoes from sprouting. Since apples also cause other fruits to ripen too quickly, storing the apples away from them is good for your other products too. 

The apple and potato storage tip has been proven by America's Test Kitchen. In their experiment potatoes stored with apples stayed firm and sprout-free even after eight weeks, compared to the potatoes stored without an apple. 


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