Monday, May 21, 2012

Facebook denies to lift ban for children under-13


The world's largest social network , fresh from a Friday IPO that raised a record $105 billion and created a small army of millionaires, is still appropriate for only for those ages 13 and over -- despite a Sunday Times report that it was opening a public debate on overturning the minimum-age requirement.

Toady it was reported that Facebook is going to lift the ban for the under-13 group. This would have added   million of new users for the social networking site. They reported that, there is reputable evidence that there are kids under-13 who are lying about there age to get onto Facebook. Some seem to be doing it with there parents permission and help.

But now the Facebook officials have declined from any such report. The Facebook spokesman said, "All we have said is what we have been saying for months -- that minors on Facebook and Internet is an important issue and we want to work with the broader industry to look at ways of keeping minors safe".


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