Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Remove Permanent Marker from wood


In this post we are going to tell you, how to remove permanent marker from wood. Since everybody knows permanent marker when used by wrong hands can cause how much loss. Usually the majority of destroyers in our houses are our own naughty children who found it very funny to do such things.

 Raising children is a war and in a war there should be collateral damage. Suppose you are going out of home for some work and accidently left the permanent marker outside where your children can easily spot it, rest is history and seems to be well permanent.

Now if you have ever encountered with this problem, don't worry we will tell yo how to remove the stains from wood (furniture). Permanent marker can often be removed by isopropyl alcohol. First, assuming you still have the markers, try using isopropyl alcohol to remove it from a test surface. If it works then try on the underside of your table to ensure it does not damage the finish. If it is safe, then go for it.


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