Friday, August 10, 2012

Google voice search improved on iPhone


 When the iPhone 4S was announced it was undoubtedly Siri which stole the show. However, since then Apple's voice-assistant has been hugely criticised due to its inaccuracy and unreliability.

Google has tried to take advantages of the Siri's shortcomings by launching their Voice Search application on the iPhone. Google's Voice Search application is a lot more reliable and has performed much better in tests than Siri, which had led to a number of iPhone 4S owners using the application instead of Siri.

The good news for iPhone users is that Google will be improved their application with the release of anew version of the application.

The new version of Voice Search is linked to Google's "Knowledge Graph" which is a database of more than 500 million people, places and attributes. This information is combined to improve the relevancy of search results to ensure users find exactly what they want.

The latest version og Google's Voice Search, which is already available on Android, will be downloadable for the iPhone and iPad very soon and the app comes with 3G's recommendation.


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