Saturday, August 18, 2012

New individual first-aid kits for US Army soldiers


In order to improve first-aid medical response of soldiers in the field, the US Army has come up with the latest Individual First-Aid Kit, better known as IFAK in short in order to meet the needs that have surfaced at the battle-scarred countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since when it comes to battlefield, things get very ugly pretty quickly and it is not a playground where military might assure success.

Since the IFAK proved to be bulky and get in the way of other equipment and ammo, developers at Natick Soldier Systems Center decided to bring the IFAK to the drawing board for a complete redesign. The new and improved pack allows it to be stashed away at the back, and is easily accessible from either side by the soldier injured or another trying to help him.

Currently, 30 new IFAK's underwent evaluation at Fort Polk, La where there was a platoon of soldiers who carried them through a training rotation.


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