Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iPad mini to be unveiled in October


Apple is expected to unveil their sixth generation iPhone, called the iPhone 5, on September 12. But that's not only the device making the rounds on the rumour mills all over the internet.

Apple's long debated iPad mini that has been rumoured since the launch of the original iPad may finally be unveiled after the iPhone 5.

Sources have told that only after the next-gen iPhone is out the door that Apple will unveil the iPad mini, a tablet that is expected to have a display smaller that 8-inches. The tentative launch period of the device is October, a mere month after the launch of the iPhone 5. The reasons for the split in the event of the two devices is quite obvious, since both the devices have generated considerable hype.

The late Steve Jobs, ex-CEO and co-founder of Apple was quite against the idea of the iPad mini but he isn't in charge anymore. Rumors of the iPad mini have been have been making their appearances online every time a new 7-inch tablet is launched in the market. 


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