Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shoes made for charging devices


A tremendous amount of time has been spent developing new ways to produce power. Smaller batteries, solar power, charging stations, thermo-electric power, all of these are examples of what we have done to produce power from alternate ways. But that's not the end.

A guy from Kenya has just come forward with his invention, a shoe which comprised of an incredibly thin chip of crystals that can actually create power while you walk, run or jog. The energy produced can be stored for later use, or charge your devices via a thin cord from your shoe to your pocket.

Anthony Matua, the inventor of this technology tells that the chip responsible for the production of power can be inserted inside the sole of any shoe. And when you walk, you generate pressure and in turn, that pressure generates energy. The device is patented and it looks like it may be set to enter the market at a very modest price point.


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